How To Make A Bow For York

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How To Make A Bow For York
How To Make A Bow For York

Video: How To Make A Bow For York

Video: How To Make A Bow For York
Video: DIY crafts - How to Make Simple Easy Bow/ Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial // DIY beauty and easy 2023, September

A small ball of wool with a bow on the top of the head, proudly walking next to the hostess or looking around with interest from under the armpit of the hostess is all Yorkshire Terrier. A red bow on the head is the same sign of the Yorkie breed, as a poodle has curls, and a boxer has a wrong bite. Hairpins and bows are sold in stores, but they are all the same type. If you want your dog to look original, you can make a bow yourself.

yoursherskyi terrier i rebenok
yoursherskyi terrier i rebenok

It is necessary

  • To do this, you will need:
  • - a variety of wide braids;
  • - thin braid for decoration;
  • - threads to match the color of the selected braid;
  • - fishing line;
  • - glue;
  • - beads, sequins, rhinestones;
  • - decorative glue;
  • - pens, markers, felt-tip pens or any other rounded objects;
  • - latex elastic bands or hairpins;
  • - scissors;
  • - gelatin or strong hold hairspray;
  • - needles and silk threads;
  • - matches or a lighter.


Step 1

Take a wide ribbon and cut two or three strips, depending on whether the bow is double or triple. One strip measuring 9 cm, each subsequent 1-1.5 cm shorter. Burn the edges of all the stripes so that they do not creep. If you want to decorate the bow with a thin braid, sew it with a fishing line to the shortest ribbon.

bows for dogs
bows for dogs

Step 2

Sew the ends of each ribbon to make three rings of braid. If you cannot immediately sew it neatly, you can first glue the ends with ordinary clerical glue-pencil, and then carefully stitch with threads.

names for york girls puppies
names for york girls puppies

Step 3

Fold each stitched ribbon in half and mark the middle line. To do this, you can use a ruler and chalk. Sew the middle with small stitches, tighten it a little (pick it up) and fix it with a knot.

Step 4

Sew all the blanks together. And immediately sew on the latex bands, or glue the barrette with super glue.

nickname for poodle
nickname for poodle

Step 5

Pass a pen, felt-tip pen or any other rounded object into each resulting ring, the main thing is that they fit in diameter.

Step 6

Prepare a solution of gelatin, for this take gelatin and fill it with a small amount of boiling water so that you get a very sticky liquid. Stir the gelatin until completely dissolved. Then gently brush the entire bow with the resulting substance with a brush. For simplicity, you can use a strong or extra strong varnish.

Step 7

In general, the bow is ready. It remains only to decorate it with various sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc. - It all depends on your imagination.