How To Care For A Canadian Sphynx

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How To Care For A Canadian Sphynx
How To Care For A Canadian Sphynx

Video: How To Care For A Canadian Sphynx

Video: How To Care For A Canadian Sphynx
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The opinion that Sphynx cats need special conditions, that they are capricious and fastidious, is wrong. You just need to take into account a few features of this breed and these animals with a big heart and a good disposition will become your true friends. A person who decides to take this kitty on his hands is unlikely to want to let her go.

How to care for a Canadian Sphynx
How to care for a Canadian Sphynx


Step 1

High-quality dry food is suitable for feeding. But Sphynx cats are omnivorous. They will be happy to eat meat, dairy products, cereals, and some bald people can eat vegetables, fruits and even sweets. With the latter, you need to be careful, and if your pet loves them, do not spoil him with sweets often.

Step 2

These cats sweat and need to be bathed as they become dirty. Some like to swim, some do not, but if you start accustoming the animal to bathing from a young age, the kitten will get used to it and will not be capricious. You need to bathe your cat about a couple of times a week.

Step 3

Sphinxes need to clean their ears as plaque builds up. Cotton pads and ear sticks moistened with water will help you with this. This procedure is cosmetic in nature; discharge from the ears does not harm health. The accumulated tear in the corners of the eye must also be removed with a damp cotton swab.

Step 4

A visit to the veterinarian is required. He will make the necessary vaccinations and explain when and why he will need to visit him next time.

Step 5

With these cats, you can walk outside on a leash. Of course, only if all vaccinations are done. It should be remembered that the skin of the sphinx is subject to sunburn, it can burn.

Step 6

And also these cats are wonderful fashion models. They are posing! It seems that the pussies understand what a camera is, look into the lens and take beautiful poses.

Step 7

These cats are generally not allergic, but it is better if, before purchasing an unusual baby, you talk to one of the representatives of this breed. Many, having risked and taking this animal into their family, immediately begin to save up for a second such cat. If you fall in love with sphinxes, then this is for life.