German Shepherd: Breed Standards

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German Shepherd: Breed Standards
German Shepherd: Breed Standards

Video: German Shepherd: Breed Standards

Video: German Shepherd: Breed Standards
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The most universal among all breeds bred in the history of mankind is the German Shepherd. In the police and the army around the world, German shepherds are used for patrolling and search work. These dogs serve as guides for the blind, and the peasants help herd livestock. Moreover, the shepherd is both a reliable protector and a great friend for the whole family.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd


Step 1

Sheepdogs have a strong nervous system, keen sense and hearing. The musculature is well developed, strong and dry bones. For a shepherd, the trot is the typical gait. The weight of the animal ranges from 30 to 40 kg. In males, the height at the withers is up to 66 cm, in bitches 55-60 cm.

Step 2

The head of a German shepherd should have a wide vault of the skull and a wedge-shaped muzzle of the same length. The nose is always black. The eyes are medium in size and almond shaped, usually dark brown.

Step 3

Lips tight, tight, tight to the teeth. Strong teeth without deviations from the normal bite, 42 teeth in a complete set. The ears are medium in size, with a wide base, set high, and erect.

Step 4

The body of the dog is somewhat elongated. The chest is oval, deep and not wide. Tucked up belly. The back is strong and straight, sloping down to the base of the tail.

Step 5

The front legs should be straight, the hind legs should have wide and strong hips. Feet are compact, with rounded arched toes. The nails are black and short; the pads are well developed. In puppies, dewclaws should be removed by a veterinarian at 5-7 days of age.

Step 6

German Shepherds come in short or long hair. In addition, long-haired shepherd dogs are distinguished, their wool is much longer and is parted to the ridge. The coat usually has a thick undercoat, coarse and tight.

Step 7

The color is varied, including black with tan or gray markings. It comes in solid black or gray, or gray with brown or light markings. Only when the puppies develop guard hair can the future color of the dog be accurately determined.

Step 8

The tail of sheepdogs is of medium length and low set. In a calm state, the animal hangs down, slightly bending in the form of an arc. During movement or excitement of the dog, the tail is slightly raised. An artificially shortened tail is unacceptable.