How To Train A Kitten To The Litter Box

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How To Train A Kitten To The Litter Box
How To Train A Kitten To The Litter Box

Video: How To Train A Kitten To The Litter Box

Video: How To Train A Kitten To The Litter Box
Video: How to Litter Train Baby Kittens 2023, December

With the appearance of a fluffy lump with claws in the house, the first thing that worries the owners is the toilet and how to accustom to it? It is common for all babies to be foolish and therefore it is quite normal if the kitten does not understand from the first time what the compassionate owners want from him. Accordingly, it may take more time than expected to explain to him what's what. If you follow certain rules, this will not only facilitate the educational process, but also allow you to train the kitten to the litter box the first time.

How to train a kitten to the litter box
How to train a kitten to the litter box

It is necessary

  • - cat litter box (tray)
  • - litter for cat litter


Step 1

The size of the tray should match the size of the kitten, i.e. be neither big nor tall. Nothing should hinder the "important occupation". The tray in the house should appear at the same moment as the kitten, but not later.

Step 2

Its location should be convenient for both the owners and the kitten. A secluded place where privacy will be respected is considered ideal.

Step 3

The litter box will get rid of the smell and at the same time will not deceive the subtle cat scent.

Step 4

Once in a new environment, the kitten will begin to get used to it, and the owner's task is to explain to him where the food zone is and where the toilet zone is. For the first time, you can put the kitten in the tray and make a raking movement with his paw, as if something is being buried, then look at the reaction and repeat. In most cases, this is sufficient.

Step 5

If the kitten went off successfully, it is worth stroking it with praise. Despite the apparent misunderstanding, intonation will express approval, which animals feel very well.

Step 6

If the "first time" was by, you should be patient and watch the kitten, sometimes watch out so as not to miss the intention to go where you should not.

Step 7

If the moment was missed and the place of the toilet turned out to be any corner, you need to blot the stool with paper and put them in the odor tray. At the same time, put the kitten back in the tray and paddle with its own paw. The place of the "accidental toilet" must be thoroughly washed and treated with a strong-smelling detergent, and ideally, temporarily make it with some object.

Step 8

Stubborn unwillingness to go to the tray may indicate its poor location, which, if possible, should be changed. Perhaps this will finally help train the kitten to the litter box and other educational measures will no longer be needed.

Step 9

If an animal easily finds a bowl for food and goes to the same place for food, it means it is able to find and remember the toilet without any mistakes. If this does not happen, then it is only the owner's omission….