Whom To Choose Bengal Kitten Or Egyptian Hairless Cat?

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Whom To Choose Bengal Kitten Or Egyptian Hairless Cat?
Whom To Choose Bengal Kitten Or Egyptian Hairless Cat?

Video: Whom To Choose Bengal Kitten Or Egyptian Hairless Cat?

Video: Whom To Choose Bengal Kitten Or Egyptian Hairless Cat?
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The variety of cat breeds is great. The most interesting and unusual of them can be called Egyptian hairless cats and Bengal cats. If you want something unusual and exotic, you should choose one of these breeds. Ultimately, it all depends on individual preference.

Which breed should you choose?
Which breed should you choose?

What are the remarkable breeds of the Egyptian bald cat and the Bengal cat?

Bengal cats are considered a very rare breed of leopard color. These animals arose as a result of crossing a wild Asian leopard cat with domestic cats.

Bengals are very beautiful and majestic animals. Their body is quite long, heavy, slightly muscular, especially for cats, which are noticeably different from cats. The coat of the Bengal cat is short and thick, very soft to the touch.

The breed resembles a typical jungle dweller in appearance, but they can be as gentle and calm as ordinary domestic cats. Bengal cats are very playful, smart and friendly. Attaching especially strongly to one of the family members, they can follow on his heels. This cute animal constantly needs human society, likes to jump on his shoulders, which is sometimes somewhat burdensome.

Cats of this breed are naturally endowed with good health, unpretentious and cleanliness, usually easily get along with other animals, taking a leadership position in relation to them.

The Bengal cat is a big lover of water treatments. Kittens love to throw their toys into containers of water, so an open aquarium is a great temptation for them.

But there is one peculiarity that every owner of a Bengal cat needs to remember. Animals of this exotic and unusual breed need special attention and affection.

The Egyptian bald cat is otherwise called the Don Sphynx. These are usually hairless cats that have tall, slender, thin legs, oval legs and long, almost human-like fingers. Sphinxes are extremely clean and finicky creatures. The house in which these cats live should shine with cleanliness. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by their mobility and have a good appetite. In addition, these cute creatures love warmth very much, they usually sleep under a blanket.

It is desirable that the house has some kind of heat source, for example, a fireplace or an ordinary battery. Breeders of this breed advise not to teach sphinxes to wear vests, but to do this only when the owner's house is too cold.

The Sphinx is considered a long-liver, but with genetic health and good housing conditions.

However, it should be remembered that if in relation to people the sphinxes are extremely affectionate, then to other cats they can show great selectivity.

Which breed should you choose?

If the question is which of the two breeds to choose, you should take into account all the pros and cons of the characteristics of the cat.

First of all, it all depends on the individual preferences of the person. Take a closer look, which of the breeds seems prettier to you. But keep in mind that the Bengal is one of the most expensive shorthair cats. If the house has an aquarium, there is a risk that the Bengal will dive into it. This can be dangerous for the underwater world.

If you decide to get a sphinx, be prepared for the fact that this creature will live in your arms, and sleep under your covers at night, especially in the cold season.

When making the final decision in choosing a breed, be aware that any difficulties in keeping these animals pale in comparison to the number of pleasant moments that they can give a person.