How To Identify The Breed Of A Hamster

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How To Identify The Breed Of A Hamster
How To Identify The Breed Of A Hamster

Video: How To Identify The Breed Of A Hamster

Video: How To Identify The Breed Of A Hamster
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There are various breeds of hamsters in nature, and some of them are especially popular with pet lovers. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a small fluffy animal, you must first figure out how, after all, one breed differs from another, since each species is characterized by different conditions of keeping and taming.

How to identify the breed of a hamster
How to identify the breed of a hamster


Step 1

Take a close look at the hamster. If the length of the body and tail:

- 4-5 cm, and the tail is practically absent - the smallest species is Roborovsky's hamster;

- 7, 5-9 cm, tail 1, 5-2 cm - Chinese hamster;

- 7, 5-10 cm, tail 4-10 mm - Dzungarian hamster, Campbell's hamster;

- 13-14 cm, tail 1, 5 cm - Syrian or golden hamster;

- 18-25 cm, tail 7-10 cm - rat-shaped hamster;

- more than 25 cm and a tail of at least 3.5 cm - common hamster.

Step 2

Determine the color of the hamster:

- light gray or gray with white spots and a dark stripe on the back of black or dark gray - Dzungarian hamster;

- golden yellow or reddish brown with a white belly - Syrian or golden hamster;

- the upper part of the body is red in color, the lower one is predominantly black, on the chest and on the sides of the head there are three white spots - an ordinary hamster;

- gray-brown, lighter abdomen - rat-shaped hamster;

- dark brown, cream-colored belly, gray ears, dark stripe on the back - Chinese hamster;

- the legs and abdomen are white, the back is pink-fawn, the ears are black with a white edging, there are small white spots above the eyes - Roborovsky's hamster;

- brown-gold with a dark stripe on the back - Campbell's hamster.

Step 3

Highlight the distinctive features that are specific to a particular breed of hamsters:

- The Syrian or golden hamster has a soft, thick and velvety coat and, depending on its length, there are three types: short-haired, long-haired (Angora) and semi-Angora;

- the rat-like hamster, unlike other breeds, has an elongated body and a longer pubescent tail;

- the Dzungarian hamster is distinguished by a pointed muzzle and small ears, the soles of its paws are densely covered with wool;

- Roborovsky's hamster has a snub-nosed muzzle and rather large ears, the soles of the paws, as well as in the Dzungarian breed, are heavily pubescent;

- Campbell's hamster has a round head and short muzzle.