How To Wash Budgies

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How To Wash Budgies
How To Wash Budgies

Video: How To Wash Budgies

Video: How To Wash Budgies
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Every owner of budgies sooner or later wonders if they need to be washed. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, but you simply must provide such an opportunity to the parrot.

How to wash budgies
How to wash budgies


Step 1

Never try to wash your parrot forcibly. Not only can this stress the bird and permanently (if not permanently) discourage the bird from approaching the water, but it can also undermine its confidence in you.

Step 2

Place a bath tub in the parrot's cage. Pour clean water at room temperature into it. Most parrots start splashing around actively, especially in hot weather. After bathing, be sure to remove the dirty water, otherwise the parrot will start drinking it. If for some reason the budgerigar refuses to bathe, try putting his favorite toy or treat in the bath. There should be a little water in the bath - about 2-3 ml, this automatically excludes the possibility that the bird will drown.

Step 3

Some budgerigars like to bathe in running water, for example, under a tap. In this case, make sure that the flow is not strong and the water is not hot. So that the budgerigar does not get nervous, the situation should be as calm and not tense as possible.

Step 4

When bathing a bird, never allow drafts, because parrots catch colds very easily.

Step 5

If the budgerigar refuses to bathe in a tub or under the tap, then you can freshen it up with a spray bottle. In this case, the water should be warm enough so that when spraying it does not cause discomfort to the bird. At the same time, do not direct the water strictly at the parrot, it is better to aim above the head so that drops of water fall from above. Regular spraying is also beneficial in that it helps to get rid of the habit of plucking out their feathers, which is common among parrots.

Step 6

There is no need to dry budgies after bathing, especially with a hair dryer. If you see that the bird is frozen and there is a risk of getting a cold, then simply place a table lamp above the cage, under which the bird will dry out and warm up.