How To Make Doll Furniture Yourself

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How To Make Doll Furniture Yourself
How To Make Doll Furniture Yourself

Video: How To Make Doll Furniture Yourself

Video: How To Make Doll Furniture Yourself

Although there is a huge selection of furniture for dolls in toy stores now, sometimes you want to do something with your own hands. Moreover, joint creativity brings children and parents very close.

How to make doll furniture yourself
How to make doll furniture yourself

It is necessary

  • 1. Universal glue;
  • 2. match boxes - 4 pcs.;
  • 3. packs of cigarettes - 4 pcs.;
  • 4. toothpicks;
  • 5. plastic balls made of chocolate eggs;
  • 6. juice bags - 2 pcs.;
  • 7. colored paper;
  • 8.scissors;
  • 9. wire.


Step 1

Try to make a bedroom set for your child's favorite doll with your own hands. Start with the simplest things - the bed and the wardrobe. To do this, you need two rectangular containers of juice or milk. To make the cabinet, carefully cut the doors on the side of the bag. You can first draw a line in the center with a pencil so that the doors are the same width. Carefully poke two holes in them for the wire handles. Now cover the bag with colored paper. You can show your imagination and make the cabinet multi-colored, or decorate with drawings. When the glue and paint are dry, attach the wire handles to the doors. The closet is ready.

table for a doll with your own hands
table for a doll with your own hands

Step 2

Then it's up to the bed. Take the second bag and carefully cut it in two. The incisions should go along the side walls. You have two open boxes. Take one and cut the edges with scissors so that you get four supports at the corners of the bag. This will be the base of the bed. Don't get carried away! If you cut a lot of cardboard, the bed will be unstable. Cover both halves of the bag with colored paper and let dry. Then glue the halves together. It turned out to be a crib. You can sew bed linen and a small pillow to keep the doll cozy.

how to make a barbie doll with your own hands
how to make a barbie doll with your own hands

Step 3

What else is needed in the bedroom? Of course, a bedside table and an armchair. For this we need matchboxes and cigarette packs. First, let's build a bedside table. We will glue four matchboxes with colored paper. You can choose paper to match the entire typeface, or you can use completely different paper, it will be more fun. We put the boxes one on top of the other and glue them one by one. Let it dry. Carefully pull out the drawers and put the little things the doll needs there.

Step 4

You can equip a lamp on the bedside table. To do this, take half a plastic ball from a chocolate egg. Poke a hole with an awl and insert a toothpick. Stick the other end of the stick into the matchbox. The result is a floor lamp. You can paint a toothpick with paint in the color of a bedside table or a plastic ball.

Step 5

You will need cigarette packs for the chair. If your family doesn't smoke, try looking for cigarette-shaped packs of cookies or candy in the supermarket. They will suit you too. Again we use colored paper and paste over all four packs. We cut two in half - these will be the supports for the chair and the armrests. Next, we glue whole packs together so that we get a seat and a back. We fix the armrests. They should go slightly beyond the edges of the chair so that the doll has a place to sit. We glue the supports under the armrests. That's it, the chair is ready.

Step 6

Perhaps the first furniture for the doll will turn out to be not very even and beautiful. But the more you create, the better the items you will get. In this case, the main thing is practice. Call the children, prepare everything you need, and let everyone do what they can with their own hands. After all, it is not important for your kids what toy furniture will turn out to be, but that they made it with their own hands together with their beloved parents.