Dogs That Look Like Cubs: Chow-Chow And Pomeranian

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Dogs That Look Like Cubs: Chow-Chow And Pomeranian
Dogs That Look Like Cubs: Chow-Chow And Pomeranian

Video: Dogs That Look Like Cubs: Chow-Chow And Pomeranian

Video: Dogs That Look Like Cubs: Chow-Chow And Pomeranian
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Each dog has its own character and unique appearance, which can be used to determine its belonging to a particular breed. Chow Chow and Pomeranian are the dream of, perhaps, any person who loves dogs. They are not only smart and loyal animals. These dogs, like real bear cubs, are designed to delight at least by their appearance.

Dogs that look like cubs: Chow-Chow and Pomeranian
Dogs that look like cubs: Chow-Chow and Pomeranian


Pomeranian Spitz are good-natured and friendly dogs, wonderful friends and obedient pets. If a replenishment is expected in your family, you can safely buy a Spitz. This dog loves children very much and is tolerant of their pranks, but it does not tolerate rudeness. She needs patience, affection and at the same time strictness in education.

Spitz, though patient, have a delicate and sensitive psyche. They accurately determine the mood of the owner. Pomeranian Spitz will delight their owner with their quick wit and pleasure with which they perform commands and tricks.

Spitz love it when all family members are together. However, the Spitz always has a favorite: he zealously serves his beloved owner and tries to please. Sometimes the Spitz understand the commands that are given by gestures or facial expressions. These dogs endlessly love movement: they like long walks and jogging, Spitz love to play in the snow and splash in the water. Spitz are long-livers, and their addictions and behavior do not change until old age.

The Pomeranian spitz gets along well with other animals. Easily transfers travel, these dogs can be transported even in a bag - Spitz will calmly take this.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow breed is very restrained, has a sense of its own dignity. The character is moderate and calm, chow-chow are not aggressive and docile. The dog is strongly attached to the owner, but even while waiting for him, he is patient: he will never whine desperately.

A purebred Chow Chow can be identified by a coat with a very thick undercoat, a black tongue, a tail with long hair and a curved shape.

Chow Chow is not a very good friend for a small child, since it will not indulge him in pranks and entertain. Although Chow Chow dogs are tolerant of children, one should not expect an aggressive attitude towards their leprosy. Chow Chows are very susceptible to training, but they will only do what they themselves see fit.

In a family, a dog is loyal to only one person and will always fulfill his requirements. If the owner tries to break the dog's loyalty, most likely, the Chow will withdraw and behave distantly.

Caring for "plush" dogs

Despite the beautiful fluffy coat, Chow Chows and Pomeranians do not require any special care. Their coat is not prone to curling, therefore, such dogs can be brushed only once a week with the help of a rare brush. During the molting period, dogs do not clog everything around with wool. The structure of the coat, especially in the Chow Chow, is self-cleaning. However, these dogs need to be clipped a couple of times a year and should be washed before clipping.