What Types Of Decorative Poultry Are The Most Unpretentious

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What Types Of Decorative Poultry Are The Most Unpretentious
What Types Of Decorative Poultry Are The Most Unpretentious

Video: What Types Of Decorative Poultry Are The Most Unpretentious

Video: What Types Of Decorative Poultry Are The Most Unpretentious
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Decorative poultry pleases with the brightness of plumage, gentle singing and sociability. But some feathered pets require complex care and special conditions. A beginner can be recommended to have an unpretentious and cheerful bird.


Peerless and problem-free Amadins

The tribe of finches, small bright decorative birds, is diverse and easy to care for.

- Japanese finches are the easiest birds to keep at home. Their color is not very bright, but the song is pleasant and quiet. This type of finches does not fuss or litter, so cleaning in their cages is a pure formality.

- Zebra finches are the most popular of this bird species. They breed well in captivity, are brightly colored and often play their own funny song. They are more mobile than Japanese finches, so there will be more garbage from them.

- Amadina Gulda are shy and bright birds. They are very delicate and sing softly, with tints.

- Rice finches are large, unpretentious birds. Their song is very distinctive and similar to electronic music.

To keep the finches in a good mood, you need to keep at least a couple of birds in the cage. Alone, only rice finches feel better than everyone else.

Popular songbirds - canaries

Canaries have been the most common poultry for many years. These feathered pets are appreciated for their delightful singing and undemanding care. When buying a canary, keep in mind that only males sing.

The appearance of canaries is sunny - they are painted mainly in bright yellow tones. Kenars very easily get used to the owner and do not require a large aviary. The cage of these birds can be removed every 2-3 days, but the water for drinking and bathing needs to be changed every day.

Friendly feathered pets - parrots

For a sociable person, there is no pet better than a parrot. These decorative poultry have good contact with people and quickly get used to the new environment. Parrots respond to their name and, with a good attitude towards them, are able to learn a few funny tricks.

Before opting for a parrot as a pet, keep in mind that this bird is quite noisy and noisy. Parrots love to participate in people's lives and are very curious. Often, if there are no other pets in the house, these birds are allowed to walk around the apartment.

If you get a couple of parrots, they will not bother you too much, because one bird suffers alone.

Decorative chickens

Among ornamental poultry, you can more and more often find a chicken! Of course, this bird is not an ordinary layer or broiler. Small specially grown chickens are more like pigeons and are distinguished by remarkable ingenuity.

Decorative chickens love to walk outside and sit on their arms. The only drawback of such pets, like all birds, is the inability to toilet train them in one place. Unfortunately, chickens recover wherever they go.