How To Treat Mastitis In Dogs

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How To Treat Mastitis In Dogs
How To Treat Mastitis In Dogs

Video: How To Treat Mastitis In Dogs

Video: How To Treat Mastitis In Dogs
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If the dog had a so-called false pregnancy or you weaned the puppies from her breast too early, then due to an excess of milk, your adored girl may develop mastitis - inflammation of the mammary glands. What preventive measures are needed in order to avoid this disease? And how to treat a dog in case of illness?

How to treat mastitis in dogs
How to treat mastitis in dogs


Step 1

To prevent mastitis, which usually begins to develop 60 days after a sexual cycle that did not end with fertilization (that is, after a false pregnancy), lubricate the dog's nipples once a day with camphor oil immediately after the end of estrus for 3-4 days. Bandage your nipples tightly.

Step 2

Examine your whelping dog daily. If the puppies are weak to suck off all the milk, apply them to different nipples so that the milk does not stagnate.

Step 3

And after a true and after a false pregnancy, treat wounds and cracks in the nipples in a timely manner.

Step 4

Massage your dog with vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) and gently express the milk. If the nipple is swollen, gently wipe it off with soapy water and then apply an antiseptic ointment.

Step 5

During lactation, do not give milk to a nursing dog, limit her drinking.

Step 6

Regularly show your lactating dog, if not fertilized, to your veterinarian. If you do not plan to breed puppies in the future, then, without waiting for the first estrus, sterilize it.

Step 7

If it was not possible to prevent the disease, the dog became lethargic, its temperature rose, and watery discharge or even pus with blood appeared from the nipples, it is worth immediately taking it to an appointment with a veterinarian or calling him at home. Puppies should be weaned immediately.

Step 8

If the doctor has prescribed therapeutic treatment (antibiotics, anesthetics, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs), follow all the recommendations exactly, do not remove the protective blanket from the dog.

Step 9

If a dog develops purulent mastitis, the course of treatment is best carried out directly in the hospital (at least the first few days), since in a modern apartment it is not always possible to comply with all the conditions of sterility. If there is no hospital at the hospital, then call the doctor at home every day so that he can carry out all the necessary therapeutic measures properly, and, in case of deterioration, promptly adjust the course of treatment.

Step 10

In the event that the disease has gone too far or in the absence of positive dynamics during the course of the disease, doctors prepare the dog (and its owners) for an operation, during which the abscesses will be opened, or, if the dog is more than 6 years old, the affected mammary gland.