How To Wash A Cat Correctly

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How To Wash A Cat Correctly
How To Wash A Cat Correctly

Video: How To Wash A Cat Correctly

Video: How To Wash A Cat Correctly
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Many people think that there is no need to wash a cat - it is already washed. Yes, a cat can wash itself - on its tongue there are millions of little suckers, and thanks to the rough structure of the tongue, washing also turns into combing. But it is imperative to wash the cat. This is often not worth doing, because this will harm the skin. And yet this must be done, especially when a very strong molt is observed. And so, for prevention, it does not hurt. But, as you know, cats do not like washing. We will try to make washing a pleasant experience.

How to properly wash a cat without claws
How to properly wash a cat without claws

It is necessary

  • -warm towels;
  • - rubber washcloth with blunt teeth;
  • -delicacy;
  • -specialized shampoo;
  • - a bottle with catnip;
  • -small cat toy.


Step 1

Make sure your cat is healthy or she may catch a cold. Prepare all the items next to you so that you can quickly get them in case of something. To bathe the cat, you must wait at least 4 hours after eating.

Step 2

Soak all towels in the catnip bottle liquid, and wipe the bathtub with a mint-soaked rag.

Step 3

Spread out towels in the bathroom and take two extra dry towels. Pour warm water into the towel bath. If the towels rise to the surface of the water, press them down with something - our task is to keep them on the bottom.

Step 4

Feed your cat a treat and, wrapping it in exactly the same towel as those in the bathroom, pet your cat.

Step 5

The hardest part of the whole process: Take the cat to the bathroom, hold it over the water for a while, holding the cat firmly but gently. Then dip it in water and apply shampoo immediately. Massage the shampoo thoroughly into the cat's fur, placing it on its hind legs, starting from the head and using a rubber washcloth.

Step 6

Try to pet the cat very often, but gently, so that it does not run away. Rinse off the shampoo with a gentle shower, while still stroking and soothing the cat. Pay attention to the gentle intonation of your voice.

Step 7

Get out one of the extra towels, preferably the one you used in step four. Use it to dry the cat, rubbing it roughly but gently to dry quickly. Place the cat in its favorite spot and leave it alone for a few hours.

Step 8

When your pet dries up, play with her - the toy can be very different, depending on what she loves. Perhaps it will be a controlled mouse, after which it will run, feathers on an elastic band or a simple candy wrapper on a string, folded in half in the shape of a bow and rustling loudly. So the cat will be able to throw out the aggression and stress experienced during bathing on the toy.