How To Train A Pug

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How To Train A Pug
How To Train A Pug

Video: How To Train A Pug

Video: How To Train A Pug
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The Pug is a common and beloved dog breed in many countries. This is not surprising, because for all its decorativeness and unpretentiousness, the pug is a very cheerful, strong and playful dog. The pug is characterized by intelligence and a tendency to learning and obedience, which he can show only on condition of timely education, or socialization. It is unlikely that anyone would think of training a pug as a guard or guard dog. But teaching your pet good manners and basic commands is definitely a must.

How to train a pug
How to train a pug

It is necessary

Patience, endurance, kindness


Step 1

First of all, you have to teach a little pug puppy to respond to the nickname, to the place and to the commands “Fu! and "You can't!"


Calling the puppy by name, caress him, stroke him on the back. You can treat them with a treat: a slice of cheese and or dog biscuits. As a rule, puppies remember their nickname very quickly within a few days.

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Step 2

A place.

As soon as the puppy is going to rest under the table or on the mat, take it, take it to the "Place" and, after the appropriate command, put it there. Fondle and repeat the command. If he wants to run away, hold him, pet him, and when he settles down, treat him to something tasty and compliment.

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Step 3

Team "Fu!"

It is served in a severely threatening voice and only in extreme cases when the dog's actions must be stopped immediately (eating scraps on the street, etc.). That being said, the harsh tone of your voice should have an immediate effect on the pug. If this does not happen, go up and repeat the command, while shaking him by the scruff of the neck.

In all other cases, the prohibiting command “No!” Is given.

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Step 4

Now you can practice commands.

The first and most important of them is the “Come to me!” Command. This command is especially important. On a walk, no matter how far your puppy runs, in any danger, at the command "Come to me!" he must return to you immediately.

For a pug, the command "Come to me!" should be associated with something pleasant: affection, communication with the owner, feeding, or just a delicacy.

Give the puppy the “Come to me!” Command every time you feed. Place a bowl of food in front of him only when he approaches you at your command. When he runs up to you, pet and treat the puppy.

These exercises should be done regularly until the pug learns the command. Team "Come to me!" must be carried out unconditionally. Avoid giving the command when the puppy is busy with something more interesting and may not pay attention to you.

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Step 5

Walking alongside.

To practice the skill of walking next to you, you must first teach the puppy to the collar and leash. As a rule, this is not difficult. At first, wear the collar when playing, when the puppy is busy and will not pay attention to it. When he gets used to the collar, buckle on the leash.

When walking with your puppy, simply hold the leash in your hand and follow it. Then gradually pull on the leash and bring the puppy closer to you. Gradually decrease the length of the leash to move on to learning to move alongside. As soon as he tries to overtake you or go the other way, immediately pull on the leash with a jerk, putting it in place. Once he learns this, bend over and caress him, praise.

Practice the skill daily for 5-10 minutes.

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Step 6


Stock up on treats - very finely chopped pieces of meat or cheese.

Let the pug smell the treat, then lift it above him so that he raises his head following the smell. As soon as the pug starts to sit down to lift his head higher, press down on his croup with your hand. Immediately give a treat and praise: “Okay, sit!”.

After several exercises, the puppy will match the command "Sit!", The treat and its own posture, and quickly learns to sit on the command.

Gradually increase the time the puppy spends sitting, i.e.give a treat not when he just sat down, but a little later (within a minute). At the same time, you yourself gradually move away from it.

If he tries to get up and follow him, give the command: "Sit!" Ideally, you want the dog to remain seated until you cancel the command.

Step 7

"Lie down!"

Put the pug in, bring the treat to his nose, command "Lie down!"

Lower your hand with the treat first vertically down to its front paws, and then take it straight forward. The pug will reach for the treat, its front will move forward and downward, and the dog will be forced to lie down so as not to fall. If he does it only halfway, lightly press on his withers.

As soon as he lies down, immediately treat him to the prepared delicacy.