How To Accustom A York To A Diaper

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How To Accustom A York To A Diaper
How To Accustom A York To A Diaper

Video: How To Accustom A York To A Diaper

Video: How To Accustom A York To A Diaper
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Many owners of Yorkshire terriers train their pets to go to the toilet on a diaper - this makes caring for the dog much easier. In addition, such a toilet allows you to get rid of daily ruin walks as needed, as a result of which walking with pets in your free time begins to bring real pleasure!

How to accustom a york to a diaper
How to accustom a york to a diaper


Step 1

The sooner you start toilet training your pet, the easier it will be for you to get things done.

Step 2

At first, you will have to closely monitor the baby. Typically, puppies go to the toilet immediately after sleeping, feeding, or playing for a long time. If you see that the dog has begun to restlessly sniff at the floor and twirl around, gently take the baby and carry it to the prepared diaper.

Step 3

After your Yorkie has done his business for the diaper, praise your pet violently, give him a treat.

Step 4

If the dog makes a puddle or a pile on the floor, shout sternly. You should not beat her or poke her nose into the excrement - you will only scare the dog, besides, the Yorkie is not a cat, he will not be able to wash himself, so you also have to wash the dog yourself.

Step 5

You can also take a piece of the diaper, wet it in a puddle, and place it in the designated area. Dogs are very good at orienting themselves by smell, perhaps so your pet will quickly understand what is wanted from him.

Step 6

Change your diapers regularly. Dogs are fairly clean animals, if the toilet is dirty, then the dog will go to look for a cleaner place.

Step 7

If the dog came to you as an adult, then it can be toilet trained in exactly the same way as a puppy. You may just need a little more patience and diligence, because an adult dog has a character and habits already formed, it is difficult to change them in one day.

Step 8

Even if your Yorkshire terrier has learned to go to the toilet only on a diaper, then do not forget about regular walks. Movement is vitally important for any dog, and communication with your own kind has a fruitful effect on the psyche of the animal. In addition, vitamin D, which is so necessary for the body, is produced only by exposure to sunlight.