What Dogs Are Small In Size

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What Dogs Are Small In Size
What Dogs Are Small In Size

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Video: What Dogs Are Small In Size
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Many dog breeds are known, representatives of which are distinguished by their small size. These are terriers and pinschers, poodles and lapdogs, dachshunds and schnauzers, as well as many other four-legged pets.

What dogs are small in size
What dogs are small in size

Little terriers

Representatives of this large group of dogs are very diverse - black terriers are large in size, many medium-sized dogs - kerry blue terriers, airedale terriers, bull terriers, etc. However, there are also miniature ones among them, in particular, the Yorkshire, which, according to a number of dog handlers, may well claim the title of king of decorative dogs. Yorkshires are widely known for their showy appearance and playful disposition.

Small terriers can also include the Toy Terrier, Skye Terrier, Australian, West Highland White Terrier, as well as the Jack Russell Terrier, known from the movie "The Mask", and the dandy Dinmont Terrier, which has a memorable appearance. … Dogs of the above breeds reach no more than 30 cm at the withers.

The Boston Terrier, bred in the 19th century in the United States, looks more like a bulldog in appearance, while being distinguished by a peaceful disposition and quick wit. In some countries, this breed is not classified as a Terrier, but a Molossian.

Little schnauzers and pinschers

Among the small group of pinschers, the Affenpinscher and the Miniature Pinscher are miniature. Both varieties can be completely different colors, for example, red, black, tan, etc., differing in this brave disposition and energy. Their dimensions are about 25-30 centimeters at the withers. In dwarf (or miniature) pinschers, at the request of the owners, ears and tails are cropped - as in their enlarged copy - Dobermans. Affenpinschers are distinguished by their coarse hair, which framing their muzzle in a special way, to which they owe their name (from the German word Affe is translated as "monkey"). Due to their overgrowth, they appear to be slightly taller than the Miniature Pinschers.

The Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of its subgroup. Dogs of this breed reach 30-35 cm at the withers, outwardly resembling the Riesen- and Mittel Schnauzer (the largest and average of their brethren). The colors of the miniature schnauzers, unlike other schnauzers, are different, for example, "pepper and salt", white and even chocolate with tan.

Unfortunately, many dogs of these breeds have recently almost lost their working qualities, whereas previously they have proven themselves excellently as rat catchers.


Like pinschers, dachshunds are increasingly being bred as decorative dogs. However, if desired, they may well participate in competitions (agility or training for burrows) and hunt. The popularity of dachshunds has been steadily growing lately - people like the small size, which allows them to keep dogs in the smallest apartment, and the spectacular appearance, as well as energy and intelligence. In addition to smooth-haired dachshunds, which are most common in Russia, there are also known long-haired and rough-haired varieties of dachshunds.


Apricot and white, black and silver - there are many varieties of poodles, depending on color and size. Small ones include miniature poodles (also known as dwarf ones, they grow up to 35 cm) and toy poodles, which should not be taller than 28 cm. The coat requires careful and regular grooming in all dogs, but this is the only difficulty in grooming, according to the opinion of breed enthusiasts. Poodles have long been famous for their learning ability and intelligence, performing in European circuses. They are energetic but intelligent. Unfortunately, the breed is now in decline in popularity.

Other breeds

Pekingese and Japanese chins (or Japanese spaniels) have a memorable appearance, as well as a peculiar character. According to fans of the Pekingese (which are widespread throughout the world), the breed can be considered one of the oldest bred by man.

Some spaniels are also small in size, in particular, the king charles and cavalier king charles spaniels. Their taller brother, the American cocker, has no less spectacular appearance and good-natured disposition, reaching 40 cm at the withers.

The group of Bichons and related breeds includes the Small Lion Dog, Maltese (commonly known as the Maltese lapdog), Bichon Frize, Havana Bichon, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, and Bolognese.

According to the classification adopted in several countries, a group of small molossoids can also be distinguished, which usually includes the Boston Terrier, pug and French Bulldog.